AliumSwap Integration with Fantom

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  • 31.01.2022

The Alium Finance team is happy to announce the integration of Fantom Network on AliumSwap DEX!

We see quite a potential in Fantom network and consider it one of the chains to build our products on, so we’ve decided to prioritize Fantom integration over Avalanche and others. Moreover, myriads of projects are being built on Fantom Opera blockchain lately. Fantom network already has a wide array of Dapps and a great community — we expect that its integration will help us attract new users and business partners, which will have a positive effect on token price and trading volumes.

As we have launched Liquidity Aggregator on AliumSwap for Binance Smart Chain, we aim to mitigate the insufficient liquidity problem from the start. When we expand the range of networks Liquidity Aggregator works on, AliumSwap will be entirely ready for Fantom Opera chain enthusiasts.

One of the latest innovative features of AliumSwap DEX is Strong Holders’ Pool which is a battle royal for token holders where only the Strongest Hands get the profit. It will also be launched on the Fantom network, an excellent opportunity for Fantom-based projects to gain more holders and increase TVL.

The Alium.Finance project aims to provide access to the AliumSwap advanced multi-blockchain AMM DEX that will allow users to trade assets and quickly transfer them between different blockchains safely and conveniently. The project is fully audited by CertiK, Hacken, and Chainsulting and has attracted over $6.5 million from private, strategic, and public investors. Alium Finance already operates on BSC, HECO, ETH, Polygon and Fantom Opera and is preparing for integration with the Metis, Avalanche and Tron networks.

What is Fantom Opera?

Opera is a secure and fast environment to build decentralized applications. It is fully permissionless and open-source. Powered by Fantom’s aBFT consensus algorithm, it leverages its speed and fast finality, and is ready for real-world applications with no risks of congestion or long confirmation times.

The Fantom Opera mainnet is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and provides full smart contracts support through Solidity.

Opera’s strong point is its fast time to finality, thanks to the underlying Lachesis aBFT consensus mechanism.

Previous consensus mechanisms such as Proof-of-Work, used by Bitcoin and Ethereum, are based on probabilistic finality and require a certain amount of time for transactions to be considered irreversible.

Bitcoin has an average time to finality of 60 minutes or six confirmations. Ethereum has a faster block time than Bitcoin, and its average time to finality is 6 minutes or 25 confirmations.

On Opera, a transaction is considered finalized and settled in 1 second.

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