AliumSwap Development Updates 01/2022

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  • 17.01.2022

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen!

We know you’ve been asking a lot about what we are doing under the hood. We always listen to our community, so our community team decided to collaborate with the development team. We are ready to present you with a summary of the latest progress report.

So, shall we start?

Liquidity Aggregator

Did you ever go to a decentralized exchange, select some unpopular token, try to swap, and see a huge price impact? That is due to insufficient liquidity on DEX, and will not be an issue anymore as Liquidity Aggregator comes to the rescue.

Liquidity Aggregator is a special Smart Contract that will get liquidity from other exchanges if we don’t have enough on our DEX. We believe this solution will end the problem of low liquidity once and for all.

We hope you won’t see such a high price impact anymore

AliumSwap x Fantom

We updated the roadmap: Avalanche and Solana were replaced with the Fantom network. Don’t worry, they will come sooner or later, but for now, we have decided to change our priorities since Fantom has been getting quite popular lately. It’s a tiny sneak peek, but we expect to release it this month, and it’s already on staging. Stay tuned; we will provide more details with the upcoming announcement.

SHP Redesign

Strong Holders Pools have been redesigned with a more minimalistic design almost from the ground up. The total value locked, which is now displayed in US dollars, should give you a better understanding and transparency of how much funds are locked in SHP. We believe these little cards remind you of something, aren’t they? Maybe it looks like farming cards or something like that? Well, you’ll know soon enough 😉

Looks neat, yeah?

Alium Router Smart Contract Audit

We always value our security, so that’s why we asked Quillhash to audit our router Smart Contract. The good news is that Quillhash found no High or Medium issues, and one of the Low severity issues is already fixed, while the other one is in the works.

You can read Quillhash audit here:

Spinners are an old trend

Nobody likes to talk about bugs, but we believe we should, as most of the development is just about fixing those nasty bugs.

So, there was an issue on our site: if you have ever connected Metamask to our site before and come back later, Metamask would ask you to connect again, and if you decline it… BOOM, you will have the UI entirely blocked with a pesky spinner. This bug was unnoticed for some time as nobody reported it. But we caught it, and now we are limiting spinners supply in our company.


That’s it for now, but we’ll make sure to keep you guys posted regarding any updates from now on. Stay tuned to our official Telegram channel and Twitter.

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